Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Starkeys Bridge

I took this photograph of Starkey's Bridge at Donington Park at the Ferrari & Maserati Festival of Racing meeting in May 2003 from a position on the straight between McLeans Corner and Coppice Corner.
When you think of all the safety features on racing circuits now (and just look at the run-off areas here) it seems unbelievable that on the pre-war circuit the track went through one of the arches of the bridge - as far as I can make out it's the right-most arch of the three shown in the photograph. The photograph on this AboutMyArea website shows a car passing under the bridge at the first car race meeting held at the circuit in 1933.

The blue car on top of the left-hand side of the bridge is the wind tunnel model of the World Land Speed Record car, Project Blue Star, from the 1970s.

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