Friday, 30 August 2013

Friday's Ferrari

This is a car I photographed at the London Motor Show at Earls Court in October 1963.

It's a Ferrari 250 LM, serial number 5149, and the official Ferrari website says that the car was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in October 1963, which must have been in the early part of that month as the London show ran from 16th to 26th of October. The Wikipedia website says this about the 250 LM:

250 LM

The mid-engined 250 Le Mans looked every bit the prototype racer but was intended to be produced as a road-going GT. Descended from the 250 P, the Le Mans also appeared in 1963 and sported Pininfarina bodywork. Ferrari was unable to persuade the FIA that he would build the 100 examples required to homologate the car for GT racing. Eventually, 32 LMs were built up to 1965. As a result, Ferrari withdrew from factory participation in the GT class of the 1965 World Sportscar Championship, allowing the Shelby Cobra team to dominate the class. Only the very early LM's were true 250 models, with all the rest made as 3300cc models and as such should have been named 275 LM (the early cars were also converted to the 3300cc engine)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

1st August 2013, and the first time I've managed to pick out the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner landing at Manchester Airport. It was taken at 11:28am, and was what flightradar24 said was Thomson Airways flight BY677  from Cancun to East Midlands Airport(?).

The registration is G-TUIC

Monday, 26 August 2013

Rover-BRM Gas Turbine

The 1999 Coys International Historic Festival at Silverstone in July 1999 featured a tribute to BRM and included a display of various examples of BRM models including this car which was built in 1963 in collaboration with Rover Cars using a gas turbine engine.

The car was originally built with an open bodywork and was allowed to compete in the Le Mans 24 hour race in 1963 on an experimental basis. It missed the 1964 race but in the above form was allowed to compete in the 1965 race in the 2 litre class. Driven by Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart it finished in tenth place. You can read the story of the car here.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Friday's Ferrari

More photographs from the demonstration of F1 Ferraris at the SeeRed meeting at Donington Park in June 2003, this time of a 2000 car, the Ferrari F2000:

The car, serial number 198, being prepared in the pit garage

Tyre warmers on and getting ready for a practice run

Paul Osborn almost ready for the track. Car no. 80 in the background is the 1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona (serial number 14407) of Dutchman John Bosch. See below for details of car no, 160.

Setting off down the pit lane

Back in the pits after the run. Car no. 160 is the 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO (serial number 4757GT) of Dutchman Frederico Kroymans.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


I've mentioned before that there's a comprehensive record of all the ERA cars on this website. The car featured today is ERA R3A at the VSCC SeeRed meeting at Donington Park in June 2008.

This is the car in the paddock and behind it you can see another ERA, the ERA E-Type GP1

Here is the car in the pit lane going out for a practice run driven by Mark Gillies - the owner of the car is Mrs M B Smith as can be seen in this list of owners of the car listed on the ERA Club website:


The Works 1934 to 1936
L G Fontes 1936
A N Black & T H Wisdom 1936 to 1937
C E C Martin 1937 to 1938
J H Bartlett 1938
R Hesketh 1938 to 1944
B Beall 1944 to 1957
G Henderson 1957 to 1965
P R Massey 1965 to 1967
H F Moffatt & N M Arnold-Forster 1967 to 1988
C A Mann 1988 to 1990
T Takahashi 1990 to 1998
R T Skipworth 1998 to 2003
R Smith 2003 to 2007
Mrs M B Smith 2007 to date

Monday, 19 August 2013

Aeroplanes (3)

Here's the third and last of the series of photographs I took of incoming aircraft at Manchester Airport on Wednesday 24th of July. The first two sets of photographs were posted on 27th July and 5th August. These are ones arriving in the early afternoon and the details of the aircraft are from

12:33pm Thomas Cook MT2003 from Ibiza (Airbus A320-214)

12:39pm Ryanair FR3205 from Rome (Boeing 737-8AS)

12:45pm Qatar Airways QR45 from Doha (Airbus A330-302)

12:53pm NetJet Embraer EMB505 Phenom 300 - departure point not specified

1:05pm Swiss International Air Lines LX394 from Zurich (Airbus A320-214)

1:23pm Air France AF1068 from Paris Charles de Gaulle (Airbus A320-214)

1:30pm Thomas Cook MT2029 from Enfidha (Boeing 767-31K)

1:42pm Virgin Atlantic Little Red (op. by Aer Lingus) from London (Airbus A320-214)

1:47pm Pakistan International Airlines from Lahore (Boeing 777-240ER)

Friday, 16 August 2013

Friday's Ferrari

Last Friday I featured the Ferrari 412T2 which took part in the demonstration run at the Richard Seaman Memorial Trophies meeting at Donington Park in June 2003. Two of the Ferrari F399 cars which were driven in the 1999 season by Michael Schumacher and Eddie Irvine (and Mika Salo when substituting for Schumacher after he broke his leg at Silverstone) also took part. Here are the photographs I took of those two cars - the first four photographs are of the first car and the last one is of the second car:

In the pit garage being prepared for its run

The tyre-warmers on prior to an early practice run

Coming back to the pits after the practice run

Getting out of the car in the pit garage

The second F399 back in the pits after a practice run

As I said last week, the programme of the event didn't show the names of the drivers involved in the demonstration runs.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Pallot Museum, Jersey - The Railway Locomotives

On 8th July I gave some brief details of the Pallot Steam, Motor & General Museum in Jersey and now here's some photographs of the railway locomotives in the museum. I showed a photograph in that earlier post of the 1931 Bagnall 0-4-0 saddle tank 'J.T.Daly' and there are two other steam locomotives to be seen inside the museum:
This is a Peckett 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive 'Foleshill', engine no. 2085 built in 1948 for Courtaulds' Aber works in Flint, North Wales

The 0-6-0 locomotive 'La Meuse', built in Belgium and spent much of its life hauling coal in and around Brussels before going to Jersey in 1987 and being rebuilt by Mr Pallot's engineers.

If you visit the museum on a Thursday you can have a ride in a train comprising two Victorian coaches drawn by yet another saddle tank locomotive:
This is another Peckett 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive, 'Kestrel', built in 1952 for Crane Ltd of Ipswich, Suffolk. The train will take you twice round an oval track in the middle of which is a field which, when we visited, contained a flock of sheep. The first time round  as it rounded the bend the sheep set off running as if in panic, but on the second 'lap' they just stood around munching away at the grass.
And here's the train rounding the bend back to the station:
The Victorian varnished teak coaching stock is thought to date to the end of the 19th century and was taken to the museum for restoration in 1989, the under-frame material and wheels coming from Woodham Bros scrapyard (which handled the larger part of British Railways' scrapped steam locomotives) in Barry, South Wales.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Sukhoi SU-27

The RAFA Woodford Airshow on 24 June 1995 included a display by a pair of Russian Sukhoi SU-27 'Flanker' fighter aircraft. Unfortunately the low cloud ceiling didn't allow us to see the full extent of their aerobatic agility, but it was nevertheless a memorable experience. Here are the photographs I took on that occasion:
The timetable in the programme of the event says:
'1405 Sukhoi SU27s arrive from St Athan'

The timetable says:
'1735        Russian Test Pilots        The fabulous Flankers in action'

Back to the aircraft parking area after their display

Friday, 9 August 2013

Friday's Ferrari

The June 2003 Richard Seaman Trophies meeting at Donington Park included demonstration runs from some Ferrari F1 cars. One which took part was a Ferrari 412T2 which contested the 1995 season in the hands of Jean Alesi and Gerhard Berger.

The car in the pit garage

In the pit lane going out for a practice run

The programme of the meeting doesn't record the names of any of the Ferrari drivers taking part in the demonstration runs.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


The BRM P57 was the car with which Graham Hill won the 1962 World Championship. Two of the cars were entered in the British Grand Prix in July of that year at Aintree, Graham Hill finishing in fourth place and Richie Ginther was thirteenth. Here are photos of the two cars, both in colour and in black and white, taken during the Friday practice session.

Graham Hill's car with the upright exhaust pipes which had a habit of falling off during races
The car being brought back from the pits to the paddock after a practice run

Richie Ginther's car with the more normal horizontal exhaust pipes
The car being driven towards the pit access track for a practice run

Monday, 5 August 2013

Aeroplanes (2)

On 29th July I posted photographs of some of the aircraft landing at Manchester Airport early on Wednesday 24th July. Here are some more photographs of ones landing between 11am and 12 noon - aircraft details again from

11:06am Air Transat TS246 from Toronto (Airbus A330-342)

11:14am Delta Airlines DL64 from Atlanta (Airbus A330-223)

11:18am Ryanair FR2127 from Reus (Boeing 737-8AS)

11:21am Emirates EK17 from Dubai (Airbus A380-861)

11:31am easyJet U21898 from Berlin (Airbus A319-111)

11:35am Icelandair F1440 from Reykjavic (Boeing 757-8AS)

11:54am Thomson Airways BY2313 from Verona (Boeing 757-236)

11.56am Thomson Airways BY2347 from Salzburg (Boeing 737-8K5)