Friday, 30 March 2012

Ferraris and Other Things

I've started this blog to fire off a few photos which I've taken over the years into the ether in the hope that other people will come across them and maybe find them interesting. A lot of them will be photos of cars taken at Aintree, Oulton Park, Donington Park and Silverstone, and there will also be photos taken round about where I live in Hyde, Cheshire, although there won't be many of these as Hyde is already covered by two excellent blogs: Hyde Cheshire Blog and Hyde Daily Photo.

The first photo I'm showing is of the two Ferrari type 156 which appeared at the 1962 Aintree 200 race driven, so Wikipedia reminds me, by Phil Hill (serial number 0007) and Giancarlo Baghetti (serial number 0001). The car was known as the 'sharknose' due to the shape of the nose formed by the unusual air intake 'nostrils'. Wikipedia also tells me that the cars finished third and fourth in a race won by Jim Clark in a Lotus.