Monday, 8 August 2022

Maseratis and ERA

I took this photograph at Luffield corner during the Chopard HGPCA 100 Mile Grand Prix Car Race at the Coys International Historic Festival meeting at Silverstone in July 1994.
Leading is Thomas Bscher's 1957 Maserati 250F V12, a car built with a 2,491cc V12 engine instead of the 250F's usual 6-cylinder inline 2,490 unit. It's chassis #2531 and is one of only 2 cars specifically built to take the V12 engine. The car at the rear is Jeffrey Pattinson's 1954 Maserati 250F, chassis #2508, originally owned and raced by Stirling Moss. The blue car appears to have a number 33 which was an ERA  driven by Duncan Ricketts, and although the programme of the event doesn't identify the four ERAs that appeared in this race, it appears to be R12B. The green car in the background is David Baldock's 1938/39 Alta which was driven by Paul Jaye.

Sunday, 7 August 2022

1923 Rolls Royce 20 Tourer

This car took part in the Lancashire Automobile Club's annual Manchester to Blackpool Veteran and Vintage Car Run in June 1990 and is pictured in the Exchange Station car park in Manchester before the start of the Run.
It's the 1923 Rolls Royce 20 Tourer of Major A. Pownall of Wilmslow with only this basic entry in the programme of the event:

1923 Rolls Royce 20 Tourer,
Reg:  VK 6701  6 cylinder  20 hp
(Major A. Pownall, Wilmslow, Cheshire)

The car also took part in the Run in 1992, however, when this additional information was given:

'The "smallest" Rolls of its day, the 20 Tourer cost £1,000 in chassis form. Rolls quoted a power figure of 53 bhp at 3000 revs. It was the first Rolls to have a detachable cylinder head.'

Saturday, 6 August 2022

1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS

This car competed in the Bill Phillips Trophy Race for Standard and Modified Pre-War Sports-Cars at the Vintage Sports Car Club's meeting at Oulton Park in July 2015.
It's the 1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS of Nicolas Rossi which has a 6-cylinder inline supercharged 1,752cc engine.
Here's Nicolas Rossi during the race at Druids Corner.

Friday, 5 August 2022

Friday's Ferrari

This car is taking part in the Corse Clienti Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli race at the Ferrari Racing Days meeting at Silverstone in September 2017.
It's the Ferrari 488 Challenge of Dutch driver Fons Scheltema, a car which has a 670hp 3,902cc V8 turbocharged engine developed from that of the Ferrari 488 GTB. The photograph was taken at Club Corner.

Thursday, 4 August 2022

1938 Bristol K5G

This is one of the entrants in the Class K Double Deck Buses pre 1950 in the Trans Lancs Historic Vehicle Rally at Heaton Park, Manchester in September 1996.
It's a 1938 Bristol K5G with a Roe L27/28R body and was originally in service with Keighley-West Yorkshire Services Ltd. A note about the vehicle in the programme of the event reads as follows:

Bristol K5G, Roe Body, 1938                                                                                                             CWX 671
Keighley and District Travel
Entered by     J.B.Feather, Keighley, West Yorkshire
Delivered in 1938 with an E.C.W. body and rebodied by Roe in 1950. Re-acquired by Keighley and
District Travel in 1993.

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

1979 Arrows A2

The Coys International Historic Festival meeting at Silverstone in July 2000 celebrated 50 years of the Formula 1 World Championship, which started with the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1950. There was a display of a representative selection of Formula 1 cars from those 50 years and here's one which saw action in 1979.
It's the Arrows A2 that replaced the A1 for the latter part of the 1979 season and was driven by Riccardo Patrese and Jochen Mass, but was no more successful than the A1. The car was designed by Tony Southgate and David Wass and was powered by the 2,993cc V8 Cosworth DFV engine. Jochen Mass managed two sixth place finishes with the car, and together with a sixth place finish earlier in the season with the Arrows A1 this gave him 3 points and 18th place in the World Drivers' Championship. Riccardo Patrese didn't have a points-scoring finish with the A2, but a fifth place finish in Belgium in the A1 gave him 2 points and 19th place in the Championship. Arrows finished the season in 9th place in the World Constructors' Championship.

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

1959 Austin Healey 3000 MkI

This car competed in the Innes Ireland Cup race at the Aston Martin Owners Club's meeting at Oulton Park in May 2015.
It's the 1959 Austin Healey 3000 MkI of Jack Chatham and has a 6-cylinder inline 2,912cc BMC C-Series engine.
The badge on the nose of the car says 'Austin Healey Sebring', and while the Austin Healey 3000 did compete in the Sebring 12 Hour race the Austin Healey name there is more associated with the Austin Healey Sebring Sprite, starting with a first, second and third in class at the 1959 race.