Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Derelict Tractors

I took these photographs in October last year of two derelict tractors next to a farm building at the side of a main road not far from where I live.
They are parked one behind the other and appear to have been there for some time.

And here's a close-up of the plate on the side of the first tractor:
It says 'Fordson Major Diesel' and I think that indicates that it's a Fordson E1A, and the one behind it seems to be a Fordson as well. Wikipedia says:

Post-war shortages delayed the development of an entirely new tractor. In 1953, the E1A "New Major" entered production with an all new diesel engine. The 4D engine was designed and manufactured in UK at Dagenham and was available as diesel,gasoline, or kerosene. The tractor had a modified version of the E27N transmission. The driver sat significantly lower, which led to the E27N being nicknamed the 'High Major'. In 1958, - the Power Major - was introduced with 51.8 hp and an improved transmission and 'live-drive' hydraulics, and then in 1960 the final version, the Super Major came out with a weight transfer system and differential lock. The Super Major was produced until 1964. These tractors were exported to the US - the first since 1939 - badged as Fords.'

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