Sunday, 1 February 2015

Speedway: Sunday Mirror World Championship Quarter Final (8 May 1976) at Belle Vue Stadium

Heat 2: Gordon Kennett - White City (blue), Steve Weatherley - Eastbourne (white) & Ian Turner - Kings Lynn (yellow/black)

Heat 3: Ted Howgego - Ipswich (yellow/black), Alan Grahame - Birmingham (blue) & Brian Havelock - Newcastle (red)

Heat 4: John Louis - Ipswich (red), Taffy Owen - Workington (yellow/black) , Mick Bell - Reading (white) & Trevor Geer - White City (blue)

Heat 5: Michael Lee - Kings Lynn (blue) & Frank Auffrett - Hull (yellow/black)

Heat 6: Steve Weatherley - Eastbourne

There was a tie for first place on 13 points between No. 1 Mike Lee of Kings Lynn, No. 4 John Davis of Reading, and No. 11 Alan Grahame of Birmingham and the final order in the run-off was:
          1st     Alan Grahame
          2nd    John Davis
          3rd     Mike Lee

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