Saturday, 28 February 2015

Guernsey and Granddaughter Eliza

We were back in Guernsey last week for the Christening of our Granddaughter Eliza Gillian Mary at Holy Trinity Church in St Peter Port. This is about the best of the photographs I took during the service.
Eliza seems to have changed such a lot since we saw her before Christmas and is (for the most part) a cheerful and happy soul.

We had quite a bit of sunshine whilst we were there, but also some rain and it was very windy at times which made the seas around the island (as here at Grandes Rocques) rather lively.
The high tides over the weekend made driving round the coastal road rather hazardous - look at the pebbles thrown onto the road at Cobo Bay in the photograph below.

Here's Eliza with Mummy......
......and with Daddy......
......and waiting to be fed.
Edward with Mummy......
......and with Daddy at the airport waiting for the plane coming to take us back home.

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