Monday, 27 April 2015

Rolls Royce 20hp

In May 1987 the starting point of the Manchester to Blackpool Veteran and Vintage Car Run was the Exchange Station car park in Manchester. This photograph shows one of the entrants before the start of the run, a 1928 Rolls Royce 20hp Barker Limousine.
 The only information about the car given in the programme of the event is this:

135     1928 Rolls Royce Barker Limousine
           Reg: XV 8026 6 cylinder 20 hp
           (Gerald Morris, Bury, Lancashire)

Behind the car and to the right you can see the ventilation tower of Strangeways Prison.

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  1. This was my father's car (Gerald Morris). He was a keen exhibitor at motor shows. He participated in the Manchester to Blackpool run a number of times with this car.