Saturday, 25 April 2015

Lancia D24

This car contested the Champagne Charles Heidsieck Sports Car Race at the Coys International Historic Festival meeting at Silverstone in July 1993,
It's a 1953 Lancia D24 which was driven in the race by Peter Groh. I can't find out anything about this particular car but it seems that this is one of the four replicas built in the 1980s.
This is what the programme of the event said about the car:
'Enthusiasts will also welcome the appearance of a Lancia D24 for the first time in a British race since the 1954 Tourist Trophy. It was beaten by Ferrari in that race, but succeeded in winning the Mille Miglia, the Carrera Panamericana and other big races. Today's entry is in the hands of Peter Groh who, like Thomas Bscher, is one of the growing band of German historic car collectors/racers.'

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