Thursday, 28 April 2016

Guernsey, April 2016

Back in Guernsey last week to see our grandchildren again and to spend some time looking after them. Here are some of the photographs I took during our stay.
Here's Eliza at the wheel of one of the cars in the garden. She usually laughs and smiles a lot, but obviously takes her driving very seriously.
Edward and Eliza at the sandpit. I think more of the sand ends up on the ground than back in the pit.
Eliza being her usual self.
On the Wednesday morning we walked through Saumarez Park where there was this colourful display of flowers.
Back to Saumarez Park on the Thursday with our grandchildren and their daddy. Here's Edward on his scooter.....
.....and here feeding the ducks.
Edward in the playground which has recently been subject to a lengthy and expensive upgrade.
Part of the upgrade was the building of a 95ft long pirate ship, and here's Eliza exploring the results.
Children can share this particular swing, but neither Edward nor Eliza seem to be too sure about it.
Edward tried this climbing frame, but he's probably not big enough yet to be able to use it with confidence. And he's probably not wearing the ideal footwear either.
We paid a visit to the Shipwreck Museum at Fort Gray (known locally as the 'Cup and Saucer') on the Friday, but the day had started off very misty and when we arrived there we could barely see it from the road. It hadn't improved all that much when we finally left.
In the garden again on the Saturday, and Eric the cat had found a baby slow worm which we had to rescue from him.
Eliza in one of the cars again - what she was shouting at I don't know.
On the Sunday morning we visited the Bluebell Woods on the south-east of the island.
The woods are quite extensive and cover the cliffs on this part of the island, so some of the paths involve steep climbs. But as it's on the coast you can turn a corner and see wonderful views across Soldiers' Bay.
We came home on the Sunday afternoon, and our grandchildren came to the airport to see us off. Edward lent a hand with the cases.

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