Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Cisitalia 360 GP Car

This is one of the cars that was in the Donington Park museum when I visited in May 1989.
It's the Ferdinand Porsche designed Cisitalia 360 Grand Prix car of 1948-49 which was in the Donington Park museum for several years - the board in front of the car reads:

1949-49 - 1½ litre
4 wheel drive
Porsche 360
One of the Collection's most

Only two of the Cisitalia 360 cars were built and the Donington car was purchased about 6 years ago by Porsche who had already obtained the other car from Argentina where it had been taken by Piero Dusio, who had been the owner of Cisitalia. Both cars are now in the Porsche museum and this file by Martin Schroeder of Porsche details the history of the cars.

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