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I took these photographs of two car engines in June 1986 at the Exchange Station car park in Manchester which was the start point of the Manchester to Blackpool Veteran and Vintage Car run organised by the Lancashire Automobile Club.
All I'd written down for this was that it was a 1924 Rolls Royce 20 Tourer, but I didn't identify the specific vehicle. There was, however, only one such car listed in the programme of the event so it looks as if it is the car then belonging to a John McGlynn of Blackpool, and the programme said this about the car:

48     1924 Rolls Royce 20 Tourer,
          Reg: CA 7243 6 cylinder 20 hp 3142cc
          (John McGlynn, Blackpool)
Completely original Barker-bodied, barrel-sided,
dual-cowl tourer, in regular use in Blackpool,
completing about 6,000 miles a year. Featured
in the film Grand National Nights (1953).

For this one I'd just written that it was a 1929 Bentley 6½ litre, and again there was only one such car shown in the programme:

138     1929 Bentley 6.5 litre,
           Reg: UP 2224 6 cylinder 37.2 hp
           (William Loughran, Walmer Bridge,
This car is a previous winner of the prestigious
Kensington Gardens Concours, and also a
previous winner on this Run. It has been
owned and maintained by Mr Loughran and
his wife for the past six years.

There's some information about this car on

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