Thursday, 25 August 2016

Sunbeam Alpine Mk1

These cars formed one of a number of displays at the Coys International Historic Festival meeting at Silverstone in July 1993 celebrating 'British Racing Green'.
They're three of the works Sunbeam Alpine Mk1s that took part in the 1953 Alpine Rally. The car nearest the camera, MKV 23, was the car shared by Peter Collins and Ronnie Adams which was disqualified from the event as told in this history of the car by Bonhams Auctioneers. The car next to it, MKV 24, was driven in that event by John Fitch and Peter Miller, but you can't see the registration number in the third car. The rest of the team competing in that Alpine Rally were: MKV 21 driven by Stirling Moss and John Cutts, MKV 22 driven by George Murray-Frame and John Pearman, MKV 25 driven by Sheila Van Damm and Ann Hall, and MKV 26 driven by Leslie Johnson and David Humphrey.

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