Wednesday, 31 August 2016

BRM P261

This car competed in the Pre-1966 Allcomers Race at the Richard Seaman Memorial Trophies meeting at Oulton Park in August 1992.
It's Anthony Mayman's 1964 BRM P261, about which the programme of the event said this:
'The Pre-1966 Allcomers Race runs to regulations much the same as for Saturday's post-war event, except that newer cars are admitted this time. Only one entrant has taken advantage of this: Anthony Mayman is fielding his 1964 BRM P261. This Formula One car was later uprated to two-litre specification for racing in the Australasian Tasman series.
The 1961-65 Grand Prix formula saw an almost universal switch from tubular spaceframe chassis construction to aircraft-type monocoque designs, and great strides were also made in tyre technology, all of which should give Mayman an advantage over the older cars.'
The P261 was driven in the 1964 season by Graham Hill and Richie Ginther, Hill winning the Monaco and United States races and finishing in second place in the Drivers' Championship to the Ferrari of John Surtees. Ginther finished in fifth place in the Drivers' Championship and BRM were second to Ferrari in the Constructors' Championship.
BRM fielded the P261 again in the 1965 season, Graham Hill's team-mate now being Jackie Stewart. Hill was again second in the Driver's Championship, this time to Jim Clark's Lotus, and again winning in Monaco and the USA. Jackie Stewart was third in the Drivers' Championship, winning the Italian Grand Prix, and BRM finished second in the Constructors' Championship which was won by Lotus.

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  1. Lovely photo's of the P261, but I would have liked a side view, very important for model makers. Thanks