Monday, 29 February 2016

Ford Thames

I've showed photographs previously of some of the vehicles in the Pallot Steam, Transport & General Museum in Jersey which we visited in May 2013, and here's another of them.
It's a 1962 Ford Thames 15cwt, and you can read about it here. On 10 November 2015 I showed a photograph of another Ford Thames 15cwt which had been made into a replica of a Team Lotus transporter.


  1. Hello Dave
    I have enjoyed browsing your blog over the years and particularly like the photos which you feature from historic meetings, as it transpires that I have been at most of those events, too! I don't know if you are on the dreaded Facebook, but I have started a few groups which might interest you. One of them is devoted to Maseratis in historic motorsport
    If you feel disposed to joining, we would be glad to have you, and perhaps share some of your photos with like-minded enthusiasts
    Kind regards
    Alan Cox