Tuesday, 16 February 2016

500cc Formula 3 Cars

I've featured the 500cc Formula 3 cars of the 1950 twice before, at a 1982 Oulton Park meeting on 2 April 2013 and at a 2011 meeting at Donington Park on 11 August 2015. Here are photographs of some more of the 500cc cars at that Donington Park SeeRed meeting in May 2011.
Rodney Delves' 1952 Kieft CK52
Sir John Chisholm's 1952 Arnott 500
George Shackleton's 1952 Cooper Mk VI
Neil Hodges' 1954 Cooper Mk VIII
Xavier Kingsland's 1953 Staride Mk III
Frederick Harper's 1950 Cooper Mk IV
Mrs Shirley Monro's 1950/51 Cooper Mk IV
Mark Palmer's 1956 Wishart Mk II
Roy Hunt's 1953/54 Martin 500
David Whiteside's 1953 Cooper Mk VII
Vernon Williamson's 1950 JP Prototype
John Turner's 1955 Cooper Mk IX
Nigel Challis's 1954 Cooper Mk VIII

More details of the cars, and all aspects of 500cc Formula 3 racing can be found on the 500 Owners Association website.

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