Wednesday, 3 February 2016

AC Ace

This car competed in the race for 1950s Drum-Braked Sports Racing Cars at the SeeRed meeting at Donington Park in September 2005.
It's the 1955 AC Ace of John Arnold, previously campaigned by Ken Rudd's racing team and when H&H Classic Car Auctioneers had it up for sale in 2008 they produced this history of the car. The AC Ace was developed from the Tojeiro Bristol of Cliff Davies and this is one of the early cars, fitted with a 2 litre AC engine while later cars had a quicker Bristol unit fitted. Ken Rudd's team adapted the 2.6 litre Ford Zephyr engine for use in the AC Ace, but not many of those cars were built before Carroll Shelby had the idea of putting a big Ford V8 engine in the car which became the AC Cobra.

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