Monday, 28 September 2015

Les Amis de Panhard et Levassor

I took this photograph at the Northern Classic Car Show in September 1986 at the Belle Vue Exhibition Halls in Manchester.
It's on the stand of 'Les Amis de Panhard et Levassor (GB)' and shows two of the cars which were on display there. On the left is a Panhard PL17 and on the right a Panhard 24. The brochure of the event had this piece about the club:

On behalf of the friends of Panhard and Levassor, welcome to the stand...if you want to see some real classic cars, as distinct from just collectors cars, come on in.
"Panhard, it's American isn't it?" could be your opening gambit. We'll soon put you right on that one. Paris, France is their real home. You'll notice the cars are fairly long, the saloons are four door, six seaters.
"MUST need a big engine to push them along, two litre perhaps?" No, a two cylinder 850cc air cooled engine is all they need.
"Must be slow then." No, 85 mph for the saloon, and the coupé will do 95 mph.
"Oh, well they must be heavy on petrol?" Again, no, the 'tigre' sports coupé does about 35 mpg, the standard saloon 40 mpg plus. That's some of the reasons why we like them, cheap to run, fun to drive...
"Where's the catch?" Well people keep telling us Panhards are American! If you'd like to know more, come and talk to us, we speak English!
Denise Polley the club secretary will be glad to send you details of membership, spares, cars for sale etc, write to her.

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