Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Lagonda 3 litre Tourer

This is a car on the Exchange Station car park in Manchester awaiting its turn to start in the Lancashire Automobile Club's  Manchester to Blackpool Veteran and Vintage Car Run in May 1987.
It's a 1929 Lagonda 3 litre Tourer and on 1 April 2015 I showed a photograph of this car about to start on the 1992 run and said that in that year's programme of the event the only information about the car was the name of the owner. In 1987, however, this information was in the programme:

138          1929 Lagonda 3 litre Tourer
                 Reg: UU 7296  6 cylinder 17.9 hp
                 (Tom Sharples, New Longton, Preston)
Found on an airfield after the war being used as a tractor with a diesel engine fitted. It later had a Ford V8 engine but when purchased by the present owner in 1976 it was in a rough condition, although complete.

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