Saturday, 21 March 2015

Morris L type Commercial

This is a photograph of one of the commercial vehicles at the Pallot Museum in Jersey.
The only information about it at the museum is the notice in the windscreen which states that it's a 1925 Morris L type Commercial of 11.9 hp with a load capacity of 12 cwt, but I've been able to glean the following information from the Morris Register.

First produced in 1925 as a 12cwt payload van, a truck bodied variant was introduced in 1927 and both van and truck were produced until 1930. Mechanically the L type was very similar to the T “Tonner”. The vehicle used the same engine as the contemporary Morris Cowley car, a 1548cc 4-cylinder side valve 11.9hp Hotchkiss type with a 3 Speed gear box and magneto ignition with a clutch consisting of a cork insert between metal. Both the van and the truck had a 9ft 6in wheelbase chassis and a load capacity of 12cwt.

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