Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Lola T90

The Oulton Park Gold Cup meeting in August 2008 featured a celebration of 50 years of Lola Cars which included a display of various models, some of which took part in a parade of the track during the meeting. One of the cars on display was the one pictured below.
The programme of the event doesn't mention this car, but it's a Lola T90 bearing the number 24 which was the number of Graham Hill's Lola T90 Red Ball Special when he won the 1966 Indianapolis 500 race. Photographs of Graham Hill's car, however, show the front part of the nose to be painted yellow with a gold stripe running up the centre of the car. The car shown here resembles Jackie Stewart's similar Lola T90 (designated the Bowes Seal Fast Special) which was number 43 and finished in 6th place

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