Saturday, 11 February 2017

Toyota Celica

On 26 October 2016 I showed a photograph of a Mitsubishi FTO that had been abandoned in a parking compound in Hyde and had been there for several weeks. That car subsequently disappeared, but the compound now seems to have become a dumping ground for both cars and unwanted domestic items. Here are some photographs I took recently of a car that's not been there long, and I'm sure that it was fairly intact when I first saw it.
It's a Toyota Celica, and it looks like a 7th Generation model (1999-2006).
The silver car at the far end of the compound doesn't seem to have moved since I first saw it a month or so ago, and it too may have been abandoned.
Interesting that the front wheels have been removed, but apparently just used to prop up the car and the number plates have been taken off, presumably so that the owner can't be identified.
This is the rubbish that has appeared recently in one corner of the compound.

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