Monday, 13 February 2017


Some of the Rovers on display at the Footman James Classic Car Show Manchester at EventCity in September 2016.
The Rover SD1 was produced with a choice of 4 different engine sizes plus a diesel version, this is a 1978 2600 with a 2.6 litre straight-6 engine.
This is a Rover 3500S, one of the P6 Rovers, with the 3½ litre V8 engine.
Another P6 Rover, this time a 1971 Rover 2000SC, with a 2 litre straight-4 engine.
This one's another of the SD1 Rovers, a 1985 Rover 2300S, with a 2.3 litre straight-6 engine.

An older car here, the 1937 Rover 16, a P2 model. The note against the windscreen reads:

Northern Section

1937 Rover 16 (P2)

In the 1930s the Rover company gained the reputation for quality that it held for many years and the P2 range was one of the foundations of that reputation. Available in a number of engine sizes from a 10 (4-cylinder 1389cc) to a 20 (6-cylinder 2512cc) via 12, 14 and 16, saloon and sports saloon body styles were produced together with some tourer (convertible) versions.

Production was suspended in 1940 but, in common with many companies, Rover recommenced manufacture of their pre-war models after the cessation of hostilities. The P2 range was replaced by the visually similar but mechanicallu updated P3 in early 1948.

This particular car is a 1937 P2 saloon which was supplied in October of that year to a Solicitor, E,O,Foster, by High Street Garage, Cheadle, Staffordshire. It was taken off the road in 1960 and returned, following restoration, in 2001. As a result it has only covered 20,000 miles from new. The current owner has had some further restoration work undertaken.

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