Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Talbot T26

This car took part in the Redgate Mug Race for Standard & Modified Pre-war Sports Cars at the SeeRed meeting at Donington Park in May 2011.
It's the 1937/38 4½ litre Talbot T26 SS of Richard Pilkington, chassis #90202.
Originally built in 1937 as a Talbot T150C with chassis number 82935 it was raced for the Talbot works team in 1937 and early 1938 by Albert Divo, Raymond Sommer and René Carrière amongst others in the Le Mans 24 Hour race, the Mille Miglia and other races. In 1938 it was given a 4½ litre engine and became the second Talbot T26 SS, the chassis being renumbered to 90202.
The Talbot factory was in Suresnes, on the outskirts of Paris.

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