Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Guernsey, December 2016

We paid our annual December visit to Guernsey recently to see our grandchildren and to deliver Christmas presents and presents for Edward's birthday. With the short days of winter there wasn't the opportunity to take many photographs, but here are a few that we managed to get.
 On the Friday it was Eliza's swimming lesson at the Beau Sejour Leisure Centre, after which she wanted to go on the outdoor playground, on the slide.....
.....and on the swings.....
.....and on what I believe is called a 'spring rider'.
Grandma keeping the children entertained the following day at home.
Edward briefly played outside on the swing.
Sunday lunch at the Copenhagen Bar & Grill at the Best Western Hotel de Havelet and Edward and Eliza commandeered Grandpa's iPhone.
On the Sunday we watched Edward unwrap an early birthday present from Grandma and Grandad..... was a camera and Edward and Daddy had to familiarise themselves with the controls. They soon knew a lot more about it than Grandad did.
On the Monday morning Grandma and Grandad looked after Eliza, and we went for a look at the Christmas display at Le Friquet Garden Centre where Eliza had to go on the big train there to ring the bell.....
.....and then watch the little train go round the big Christmas tree. This brought back memories of being taken to Wiles toyshop, next to Lewis's in Manchester, at Christmas when I was not much older than Eliza is now.
Afterwards another go on the slide in the play area at the garden centre.
In the afternoon daddy took us to the airport to catch the plane back home and here he is with Edward and Eliza at the airport.

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