Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Guernsey, July 2016

Another trip to Guernsey last week to see our grandchildren and, as a treat for me, to see the Val des Terres hillclimb on the Saturday and the Guernsey Motor Festival Seafront Sunday.
Eliza and Edward in the garden on the Thursday just before going out for a meal..... Crabby Jack's where there's a playground for the children.....
.....but Eliza also wanted to spend some time with grandpa.
On the Friday after the children's swimming lessons we had a 35 minute ride round St Peter Port on the Petit Train.....
.....which Edward enjoyed.
In the evening we took a picnic meal to Castle Cornet for a KPMG Castle Night of music and entertainment. Eliza appears to be thinking: 'The sandwiches and sausage rolls were ok, but where's the cake?'
Edward trying to produce bubbles from one of the bubble blowers they were handing out when we went into the castle.....
..... and Eliza looked singularly unimpressed with mummy's efforts.
On the Saturday morning we went to see the Val des Terres hillclimb on the road at the south of St Peter Port. This is the Ford Escort of Gary Duquemin nearing the finish line at the top of the climb..
Later we had a walk through the pit/paddock area at the bottom of the hill during which Edward needed to take a nap.
Later that afternoon there was a dip in the sea at Cobo Bay.....
.....then fish and chips on the beach,
The next day was the Motorsport Seafront Sunday in St Peter Port with a large number of vehicles on show and also in action on the North Beach car park. This is a Ford Shelby Mustang GT500.
Edward is always getting hold of Beryl's camera and taking photographs with it - usually peoples' feet out of focus and the like. But this was a picture he took of daddy during a stop for a bite to eat. Not bad for a 3½ year old,
Later in the day we had a barbecue in the garden at home.
It was back home to Hyde the next day and here are Edward and Eliza with daddy in the airport lounge just before we left.

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