Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Billund Motor Museum

In August 1992 when our children were 11 and 9 years old we went on a trip to Denmark, the main purpose of which was to visit the Legoland park in Billund, where we spent a full day. The park is just across the road from Billund Airport, and I'd already found out that there was a motor and aviation museum adjacent to the airport, so about an hour before we were due to be picked up I nipped out of the park and across to the museum to have a look round. I've been meaning to show these photographs for some time, but I can't find the brochure I purchased at the museum so I've no further details about the cars and planes other than the identification which I had put on each of the photographs. Here are a few of the cars I photographed that day.

1912 Metz Runabout

1912 Wanderer

1938 American Bantam Model 60

1936 Cord 810 Sedan

1934 Chrysler Airflow CV Imperial

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