Sunday, 6 March 2016

Buick Model 47

This car was on the Pre '50 American Auto Club's stand at the Northern Classic Car Show at G-Mex, Manchester in August 1989.
It's a 1930 Buick Model 47, and in the show guide the club had this to say:

'1930 Buick Model 47. The car rides on a 118" wheelbase and weight in at 3,700 pounds. An overhead valve straight six engine of 4,314cc producing 29hp "powers" the car through a three speed non synchromesh gearbox.
New for this year was a vertically mounted thermostatically controlled radiator shutter and internal expanding brakes. It was Buick's most popular car in 1930 and had a production run that year of 47,294 for the US market and 202 for export. When new it cost $1330.
The Pre '50 American Auto Club caters for all pre 1960 Autos and incorporates all American derived Fords - especially the Ford V8 sidevalve engined vehicles'

I thought that '...caters for all pre 1960 Autos...' was a misprint, but the club still exists, and on its website it states that in 1977 the dating was amended to include vehicles up to 1959, and in 2010 was again changed to include any vehicle over 25 years old. It also says that 'the club is open to anyone who either owns an American vehicle of any age or who supports the interests and objectives of the club but does not own an American vehicle'. You can read about the club here.

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