Saturday, 29 November 2014

Pre-1959 Drum-Braked Sports Cars

One of the races at the Donington International Historic Grand Prix meeting at Donington Park in May 2004 organised by the Historic Grand Prix Cars Organisation was the HGPCA Race for Pre-1959 Drum-Braked Sports Cars.
Here's a group of cars in that race heading down through the Craner Curves towards the Old Hairpin, Leading the group is Ollie Crosthwaite in a 1956 Cooper T39 Bobtail and behind that number 7 is a 1955 Maserati 300S driven by Mark Gillies. Jeremy Agace is driving the white and blue 1956 Maserati 250Si alongside, behind which is another 1956 Cooper T39 Bobtail with Marshall Bailey at the wheel. Next comes a 1954 Kurtis 500 driven by Christopher Keen - interestingly, although the programme of the event shows the engine size of all the other cars taking part in the meeting in cubic centimetres, that for the Kurtis as shown in cubic inches, appropriate I suppose for an American car. It was shown as 283ci which I understand equates to some 4637cc. Following the Kurtis is Nick Wigley's 1953 Tojeiro Bristol, then Barry Wood's 1952 RGS Atalanta and Michael Ehrlich's 1953 Kieft Bristol.

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