Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Ford Model 'Y' Mistral

On the stand of the Ford Y & C Model Register at the 12th Northern Classic Car Show at G-Mex in Manchester in August 1993 was this car:
It's a 1935 Ford Model 'Y' Mistral and this is what the Ford Y & C Model Register says about the Mistral:

Model “Y” special bodied cars.
The launch of the Model “Y” coincided with the depth of the Great Depression following the Wall Street Crash of 1929. Money was scarce and Ford dealers faced major competition from traditional English makes. Their plight was not helped by Ford’s decision not to make an open-topped version of the Model “Y” as it was felt that, with a ladder-type chassis, the doors would fly open and the rigidity provided by an enclosed body was the only answer. In order to attract potential customers into their showrooms, the major dealers purchased rolling chassis from Dagenham and commissioned local coachbuilders to produce attractive open-topped bodies. As the coachbuilders were also suffering in the Depression, they were only too willing to take on the work. Some 24 different body styles have been identified. The more attractive ones created a demand and were sold in significant numbers, some of which have survived. The introduction of the cheaper, massed-produced Morris 8 Tourer in 1934 killed off the demand for these relatively expensive hand-built specials. Survivors include the Mistral tourer, built by Jensen Bros. Ltd. of West Bromwich and marketed by Bristol Street Motors, Birmingham.

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