Saturday, 3 June 2017

Austin 40hp Shooting Brake

This car is pictured in the Exchange Station car park in Manchester before the start of the Manchester to Blackpool Veteran and Vintage Car Run in June 1986.
It's Kevin Bann's 1911 Austin 40hp Shooting Brake, and the programme of the event said this about the vehicle:

21     1911 Austin Shooting Brake
         Reg: C 78  4 cylinder  40 hp
         (Kevin Bann, Burnley, Lancs)
This unusual vehicle from the Peter Blake
collection is a shooting brake in every sense of
the word, with a powerful engine for forest
tracks, and a rear fitted with seats and a folding
table. It was also the first car registered in
England with double tyres on the rear for extra
grip. Both are fitted to a single wheel.

It's the car described in this article.

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