Thursday, 11 May 2017

Triumph Stag Mk2

Sometimes when I'm on my daily walk to Hyde town centre and back I'll see a car go past and bemoan the fact that I didn't have my camera ready to take a photograph of it. It's happened recently with a couple of Ferraris, a Maserati and an unidentified 1960s looking American car. Yesterday I was on my way home through the back streets when a lovely looking Triumph Stag passed me, but a few minutes later when I got to the main road I saw the car in the Shell Petrol Station, and the owner very kindly stood aside and allowed me to take a couple of photographs of the car.
The Triumph Stag is a 2+2 sports tourer, designed by Giovanni Michelotti and was produced between 1970 and 1978 - the 'R' at the end of the registration number indicates that this particular one was first registered between 1 August 1976 and 31 July 1977. It had a 2997cc V8 engine and twin Zenith-Stromberg carburettors. All the Triumph Stags were convertibles, and to meet American safety standards they were fitted with a roll-bar behind the seats which was connected to the windscreen frame by a T-bar. There was also a removable hardtop available which became a standard fitment for the later cars.
There is a Stag Owners Club for anyone who is fortunate enough to own one of these cars.

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