Thursday, 15 September 2016

Vauxhall Firenza Droop Snoot

This car was on the Droop Snoot Group's stand at the Northern Classic Car Show at G-Mex, Manchester in August 1992,
It's a Vauxhall Firenza Droop Snoot, 204 of which were built in the mid-1970s. The brochure of the event had this entry for the Droop Snoot Group:

Droop Snoot Group
The Droop Snoot Group was formed in 1980 to ensure the future health of the last of the true Vauxhalls, namely the high performance Firenza, HS/HSR Chevettes, the rare Magnum Sporthatch, Chevettes, Magnums and Vivas. Most of these fine cars were powered by the 'Slant Four' OHC engine, which in its sportier guise gave Vauxhall great motorsport success in the '70s and '80s. The club meetings are held regularly throughout the year including racing circuits, motor/classic shows, treasure hunts. We have a quarterly magazine with pages full of information on the cars, members letters and reports and a sale and wanted page. It is mailed free to all members. The current membership fee is £18.00 per annum and when joining you will receive an information pack.

The group is still flourishing, and I notice that the membership fee is now £25.00 per annum, only increased by £7.00 in 24 years - I call that good value!

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