Friday, 19 December 2014

Friday's Ferrari

This is a photograph taken at the Christie's International Historic Festival meeting at Silverstone in July 1992.
There were 32 cars in a special Ferrari feature at this meeting and this photograph of four Ferrari 250GTOs shows three of them, plus one other which took part in the meeting but wasn't part of the official display. The ones in the display were numbered and notes in the programme gave some detail of each car. For all the Ferrari 250GTOs the following details were shown:

Front-engined V12; 3 litres; 280bhp at 7500rpm; ifs/coil
springs; rigid axle rear/semi-elliptic leaf springs.

The first car (No. 20 in the windscreen) is a 1962 model, serial number 3505GT (then owned by Edward & John Harrison) and the programme said this:

20 250 GTO
Entered by the UDT/Laystall team and driven by
Innes Ireland this car won the 1962 Tourist Trophy
race at Goodwood.

Next to that (No. 28) is also a 1962 model, serial number 3909GT (then owned by Takeo Kato) and the programme said this:

28 250 GTO
A Scuderia Filipinetti car for 1962/63 before going to
Frenchman C Bourillot. Ran in many of the long distance 
races including 1962 Tour de France and Montlhery
1000 Kms, 1963 Nurburgring 1000 Kms, Spa 500 Kms -
3rd overall.

The next car wasn't officially a part of the Ferrari special feature, but took part in the BRDC '60s GT Race at the meeting driven by Frank Sytner. It was then owned by Sir Anthony Bamford and is a 1963 250GTO, serial number 4399GT.

The last car in this group (No. 2) is Nick Mason's 1962 model, serial number 3757GT, which also took part in the BRDC '60s GT Race and about which the programme says:

2 250 GTO
3rd overall for Ecurie Francorchamps in 1962 Le Mans
('Elde'/ 'Beurlys'); 3rd overall 1962 Tour de France; driven
in many UK events in 1964 by Peter Clarke.

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