Wednesday, 12 March 2014


We spent a few days in Guernsey last week visiting our grandson Edward again and here are a few of the photographs of the trip.
Cobo Bay looking a bit more peaceful after the storms and high tides they've had there recently
The donkey and the cow are the national animals of Guernsey and here is Edward sitting on a donkey at Pembroke Bay on the north-east coast of Guernsey. Why it's disguised as a tiger I don't know.  Edward has just started to walk and here he's wearing his first pair of shoes.
He's managing very well with the new shoes and here he's on the beach running to daddy.
Don't know if he's trying to take mummy's sunglasses for himself or if he prefers her without them.
The following day we went to Pleinmont in the south-west of the island and here is La Table Des Pions, otherwise known as 'The Pleinmont Fairy Ring'.

For longer hikes, or when he doesn't feel like walking.
On the beach at Vazon Bay after lunch at La Grande Mare.

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