Friday, 14 February 2014

Friday's Ferrari

Another of the Ferraris in the Donington Grand Prix Collection in 1989 was the Ferrari 375 which Tony Vandervell ran in 1951 with a 4½ litre engine using his own thinwall bearings and known as the Thin Wall Special. The Ferrari serial number is 010. This is what it says about the Thin Wall Special in
'Guy Anthony Vandervell had ordered a Ferrari Tipo 125 Grand Prix car to be used to prepare the team for the upcoming BRM car. The initially delivered Tipo 125 had a 1.5 liter supercharged V-12 and was raced by Raymond Mays and Ken Richardson in the 1949 International Trophy race. The car carried the “Thinwall Special”, named for Vandervell's bearing company. The car proved a handful and was crashed by Richardson. Vandervell returned the car to Ferrari and took delivery of a second Tipo 125. This car was driven by Alberto Ascari in the 1950 International Trophy race. Ascari spun in the rain and failed to finish. Vandervell again returned the car to Ferrari, who rebuilt the car and added a 4.5 liter unsupercharged V-12 engine. This car ran for the first time with Reg Parnell driving at the 1951 International Trophy race at Silverstone. Parnell managed to finish second in his first heat race.'

This is a photograph of the car taken in May 1989
This photograph was taken in October 1989

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