Friday, 7 April 2017

Friday's Ferrari

This is one of the cars displayed at the 'Ferrari Feature' at the Christie's International Historic Festival meeting at Silverstone in July 1992.
It's a Ferrari 330 P2, and this is what the programme of the event said about it:

22    330 P2
Mid-engined V12; 4 litres; 410bhp at 8200rpm; twin ohc
per bank; all round independent suspension by double
wishbones/coil springs. intended for use by the works
team, their first appearance in racing was at Daytona
Continental, February 1965. In line with what had
happened in 1964 a 3.3 litre 275P2 version was also
available. Both models were used to gain the prototype
championships for Ferrari that year.

These Ferraris of David Piper are frequently difficult to identify, but this one seems to be chassis #0824.
The car behind is another of David Piper's cars, a Ferrari 250 LM, which is presumably #8165
NB: The Ferrari factory called it the '250 LM', though it should strictly speaking be a '275 LM', having a V12 engine of 3.3 litres. It got the 250 LM label because the first to be produced had a 3 litre engine.

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